UTME Biology

This is the description of this class in Jsay prevarsity.

This is the description of this class in Jsay prevarsity.

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    Recognising living things

      Classification of living things

        The cell

          The cell and it environment

            Properties and functions of the cell

              Plants nutrition

                Nutrition in animals

                  Tissues and support system in plants

                    Basic ecological concept

                      Functioning Ecosystem

                        Energy transformation in nature

                          Relevance of biology to agriculture

                            Microorganisms around us

                              Microorganisms in action

                                Aquatic habitat

                                  Terrestrial habitat

                                    Reproduction in unicellular animals

                                      Classification of plants

                                        Digestive system

                                          Transport system

                                            Respiratory system

                                              Excretory system

                                                Nutrients cycling in nature

                                                  Ecology management

                                                    Conservation of natural resources

                                                      Pest and diseases

                                                        Reproductive system in invertebrates

                                                          Reproductive system in plants

                                                            Pollinationin plants

                                                              Regulations of internal environment

                                                                Nervous coordination

                                                                  Sense organs

                                                                    Ecology of population

                                                                      Balance in nature

                                                                        Development of new seeds


                                                                            Reproductive behavior


                                                                                Variation and evolution

                                                                                  Adaptation for survival